Medicis Module - Realm

The Medicis Module aims to enhance activities within Eternum and enable an efficient futures market between players.
It includes an options market where scarce goods can be traded.
You are a honest player without enough money or time to farm to reap resources such as water, wood or wheat ?
This is where the module comes in with options contracts on top of the 22 resources of the game. You can just pay a premium if you find your edge doing it.
It helps to save money and time by enjoying discounts if everything goes your way.
Besides that, lazy players can earn passive income on their resources but might lose them if the opposite party wins the bet. It may be useful for players that own idling resources which are not yielding any income.
Each contract will be opened between parties where underlying would be an ERC1155 resource and strike will be denominated in ERC20 ($LORDS). You can speculate on the price of LORDS, the amount of reserves inside the AMM exchange between LORDS-ERC1155.
A contract will be represented as an NFT.
On top of that, as we all love, composability. You can even re-sell a futures/option contract you may have opened. Just sell it on the NFT marketplace already in place. In the specific case, you would earn a one time fee and won't receive the underlying if the bet ends up being successful. It is up to the new owner to do whatever he wants.
Last modified 1mo ago